Cardio exercises you can do at home (or near it)

If you don’t have the time to go to a gym several times a week, it doesn’t mean you can’t keep yourself in shape in your own apartment. A couple of daily, simple cardio exercises will keep you fit and will also eliminate those extra kilos.

As usual, the first stage should be the warm-up. You can choose from various exercises: reverse lunges, squatting arms overhead, jumping Jacks, bridges (you rest your body on the carpet, with your knees bent and then you lift the upper side of your body into the air and keep it like that for a couple of seconds, while your head and shoulders are still resting on the carpet), etc.


Jump rope

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This is one exercise we are all familiar with since we were kids. However, this is also one you can appeal to, if you want to lose weight. On average, you can lose 100 calories if you jump rope for about 10 minutes. If you wish to lose more than the average number of calories, you can switch through various modes and intensity levels. Jump rope is a fun exercise that will work several muscles groups located in your arms, shoulders, legs and butt. Nevertheless, remember this puts a lot of strain on your wrists, ankles and shoulders and, to protect them, it is recommended you wear adequate sport shoes and adjust the cord so that it feels comfortable in your hands. If you want to lose even more weight, you can add to your jumping rope routine  some muscle strengthening exercises that will increase the efficiency of your training.


A 45 minutes walk

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Walking is a daily activity that you can practice to lose weight, to keep fit and to get some place you need to be at the same time. Imagine that you choose walking 20 minutes to the market, instead of driving your car or taking the bus, and you come back the same way, carrying simple groceries. This will work miracles for your legs and for your entire body. Walking alone is not the best idea if you want to lose weight, but, if you do it in a sustained rhythm, combine it with the proper diet and other physical exercises, we guarantee you can lose 1 pound in one week. The safety precautions that you should take if you’re using walking to lose weight is wear shoes that provide good arch support and always take a bottle of water with you. Of course, don’t forget that overdoing it will not get you anywhere.


Climbing stairs

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You can burn approximately 90 calories if you climb the stairs for about 9-10 minutes at an increased pace. If you run up the stairs you can burn up to 190 calories. Try avoiding the elevator and take the stairs twice a day. For even more good news, climbing down stairs will also burn calories, though not at the same rate.



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Everyone dances around the house, when they’re cooking, cleaning, when they’re happy, if they had a glass of wine or if they’re feeling euphoric. 20 minutes of dancing will help you burn 100 calories or more and it will also improve your mood and attitude. For the best approach, play music that reminds you of happy days in your life or that you find extremely catchy. It will get you moving in a second.

It is true, doing all these in the same day, is not simple, but you can try picking up 2 of them for your daily exercise portion.