Types of exercises you can do while visiting Hawaii

Just because you are visiting Hawaii it doesn’t mean that you have to forego exercising. You can still get some exercise in even as you are enjoying your stay in this tropical paradise. After all, you need to burn some calories in between the fruity mixed drinks and delicious food commonly served at the nightly luaus or your clothes might not fit when you get home. Here are some of the types of exercises you can do and still enjoy all that Hawaii has to offer.




One of the main tourists attractions on the “Big Island” is the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. There are two active volcanoes in the center of the park which means the terrain and scenery is changing almost daily. Since there are trails crisscrossing the park and the two lava tubes you will be able to get plenty of exercise, especially if you walk up to the Jaggar Museum where you will be treated to a stunning view of Halema’uma’u Crater.


If you want to add some rock climbing to the hike I recommend a visit to Waimea Canyon State Park. Also known as the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific” it measures 10 miles long and is up to 3,000 feet in some places which means you can get in plenty of exercise while enjoying some of the most spectacular views on Hawaii.




One of the best exercises for your overall health is swimming, and there are plenty of beaches on all of the islands. One of the best places for swimming and snorkeling is Hanauma Bay, which is located on the Island of Oahu. The clear water is perfect for viewing fish and coral reefs, and the bay is also known to be relatively calm which makes it the perfect place for swimmers of all ages. If you want a little more adventure and can afford to pay you might want to consider a trip to Sea Life Park Hawaii where you can swim with the dolphins.  




A great way to sightsee and exercise is to bike around the island. This also lets you choose when and where you stop, along with how long you spend looking around. You can easily spend your entire stay on the islands biking from one great spot to another, and there are plenty of roads and trails for you to explore. You can rent a bike from any number of shops, and there are even guides that will show you some of the places locals love to go.




You can burn off some of the calories from last night’s luau, along with build muscle and sightsee just by rowing around the island. One great place to spend the day in a boat is at Makapu’u where you can row around the lighthouse, and even enjoy some hiking on the beach. Niihau also has calm waters perfect for rowing, and if you choose to visit Poipu Beach State Park you can even stop for lunch.