About me

I’ve been in the field of fitness training for several years now and more recently, I was hired by multiple resorts in Hawaii to help people stay in shape while they are on vacation. I’ve developed some regimens that I would like to share with you as they can take your workout routine to a whole new level by helping you to build muscle and burn fat. Obviously, if you have no experience when it comes to bodybuilding, maybe you want to take it slow and focus on some cardio before jumping on the weight lifting or heavy bag training bandwagons.

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I usually start by telling my students that we have to spend some minutes on the stationary bike or jumping rope. Afterward, we’re more than free to stretch for five to ten minutes as we’ll be able to stimulate our muscles a whole lot better if they’re in their natural position. If you’d like to create a routine of your own, I recommend choosing a music playlist that you’ll find online either on YouTube or any other music streaming services, but the main point to keep in mind is that the beats have to be energetic and positive. Try to get rid of any negative thoughts even when starting to hit the punching bag because otherwise, it won’t do too much when it comes to relieving the stress you might have been suffering from during the months you were at work.hawaii 2

Based on the results that I saw with my students, I came to the conclusion that the most efficient punching bag workout is like a circuit. Spending five minutes hitting the heavy bag as forcefully as possible and then taking a short 30-second or 1-minute break is extraordinarily beneficial both when it comes to bodybuilding and when it comes to burning fat. I recommend alternating between high kicks and low kicks, continuing with twenty punches or so and then finishing it off with five left hooks as well as five right hooks. Knee strikes are more strenuous for some people, depending on their experience and skill level, which is why you might want to integrate them into your routine or leave them out.

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If weight loss is what you have on your mind, you might want to take a break from the same workout you’ve been doing for several months. Plateau-busting regimens usually consist of multiple types of exercises, and here’s where using a punching bag might come in handy. Jogging and biking are great but they might be less effective in the long run, particularly if what you have on your mind is building some muscle.

It goes without saying that you should also work on your diet by integrating lean protein and fresh vegetables and fruit. These foods contain healthy nutrients that can all work together on defining your body shape. Be sure to consume enough fiber and nuts such as almonds, sesame seeds, and sunflower seeds.